We create your resour­ces


Relux Kunst­stoff­tech­nik GmbH & Co. KG manuf­actures se­con­dary syn­thetic materials in a proc­ess sec­ure, high quality and cus­tomized way.


Syn­thetic materials are an essen­tial part of our everyday life and are proc­essed in nearly all bran­ches of economy. The popularity of syn­thetic materials is explained through their diverse appli­cation pos­sibilities for which dif­ferent types of syn­thetic  materials were created, such as HD-PE (High-Den­sity-Polyet­hylene), LD-PE (Low-Den­sity-Polyet­hylene) and PP (Polyp­ropylene).

Syn­thetic materials are manuf­actured out of limited fos­sil resour­ces in comp­lex chemical proc­edures. The rec­ycling of syn­thetic material waste is indis­pen­sable to con­serve resour­ces and per­form a long term cont­ribution for environ­ment and climate protec­tion. Theref­ore the rec­ycling of syn­thetic materials is one of the most impor­tant future chal­len­ges in the waste manage­ment industry.


Relux Kunst­stoff­tech­nik GmbH & Co. KG provides individual assis­tan­ce by the develop­ment of cus­tomized rec­ipes for syn­thetic materials, reproc­essed from all kinds of polyolef­ines.