Relux Kunst­stoff­tech­nik provides high quality fur­nish, manuf­actured from post-con­sumer polyolefin syn­thetic was­tes.

Through our eff­icient and eff­ective was­hing, fur­nis­hing and agg­lomeration fa­ci­li­ties we are able to deliver LD-agg­lomerates, as well as PP- and HD-PE-fur­ni­shes in hig­hest purity and homoge­neity, which can be directly app­lic­ated in dif­ferent extrusion app­lic­ations and blowing forms.

Satis­fied inter­national cos­tumer, for example in the pipe industry and the produc­tion of gar­dening and watering supp­lies, app­rec­iate our con­stant good quality and our favorably pric­ing sys­tem.


In down­loads you can find a cur­rent over­view of our stan­dard products and the assoc­iated spec sheets. Do not hesitate to call us if you are interes­ted in other products. Our product develop­ment advises you gladly!