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HR A 1592 Local Court Sten­dal
Head­quar­ters: Mag­deburg

CEO: Jost Kott­meyer
Ust-ID-Nr.: DE191351543


Relux Kunst­stoff­tech­nik GmbH & Co.KG
Sülzborn 4
39128 Mag­deburg

Relux Kunst­stoff­tech­nik GmbH & Co.KG
Sülzborn 4
39128 Mag­deburg



Site Notice

Inf­ormation provided acc­ording to Sec. 5 German Telemedia Act (TMG):

Relux Kunst­stoff­tech­nik GmbH & Co. KG
Sülzborn 4

39128 Mag­deburg 

Represen­ted by:

Geschäftsführer Jost Kott­meyer


Telep­hone: +49(0)391 / 662775-10 
Telefax: 4+49(0)391 / 662775-25 

Regis­ter entry:

Entry in the Han­dels­regis­ter. 
Regis­tering court:Amts­gericht Sten­dal 
Regist­ration num­ber: HRA 1592 


VAT Id num­ber acc­ording to Sec. 27 a German Value Added Tax Act:

Dis­pute resolution

We do not take part in online dis­pute resolutions at con­sumer arbit­ration boards.

Liability for Con­tents

As ser­vice providers, we are liable for own con­tents of these web­sites acc­ording to Sec. 7, parag­raph 1 German Telemedia Act (TMG). However, acc­ording to Sec. 8 to 10 German Telemedia Act (TMG), ser­vice providers are not obligated to per­manently monitor sub­mit­ted or stored inf­ormation or to search for eviden­ces that indic­ate illegal activities.

Legal obligations to removing inf­ormation or to bloc­king the use of inf­ormation remain unch­allen­ged. In this case, liability is only pos­sible at the time of know­ledge about a spec­ific violation of law. Illegal con­tents will be removed immediately at the time we get know­ledge of them.

Liability for Links

Our offer inc­ludes links to exter­nal third party web­sites. We have no inf­luen­ce on the con­tents of those web­sites, theref­ore we can­not guaran­tee for those con­tents. Providers or administ­rators of lin­ked web­sites are always respon­sible for their own con­tents.

The lin­ked web­sites had been chec­ked for pos­sible violations of law at the time of the estab­lish­ment of the link. Illegal con­tents were not detec­ted at the time of the lin­king. A per­manent monitoring of the con­tents of lin­ked web­sites can­not be imposed without reasonable indic­ations that there has been a violation of law. Illegal links will be removed immediately at the time we get know­ledge of them.


Con­tents and com­pilations pub­lis­hed on these web­sites by the providers are subject to German copyright laws. Reproduc­tion, editing, dist­ribution as well as the use of any kind out­side the scope of the copyright law require a writ­ten per­miss­ion of the aut­hor or originator. Down­loads and copies of these web­sites are per­mit­ted for private use only.
The com­mer­cial use of our con­tents without per­miss­ion of the originator is prohibited.

Copyright laws of third par­ties are respec­ted as long as the con­tents on these web­sites do not originate from the provider. Cont­ributions of third par­ties on this site are indic­ated as such. However, if you notice any violations of copyright law, please inf­orm us. Such con­tents will be removed immediately.

Privacy Policy

1. An over­view of data protec­tion


The fol­lowing gives a simple over­view of what hap­pens to your per­sonal inf­ormation when you visit our web­site. Per­sonal inf­ormation is any data with which you could be per­sonally iden­tif­ied. Detailed inf­ormation on the subject of data protec­tion can be found in our privacy policy found below.

Analytics and third-party tools

When visiting our web­site, statis­tical analyses may be made of your sur­fing behavior. This hap­pens primarily using cookies and analytics. The analysis of your sur­fing behavior is usually anonymous, i.e. we will not be able to iden­tify you from this data. You can object to this analysis or prevent it by not using cer­tain tools. Detailed inf­ormation can be found in the fol­lowing privacy policy.

You can object to this analysis. We will inf­orm you below about how to exer­cise your options in this regard.

2. General inf­ormation and man­datory inf­ormation

Data protec­tion

The operators of this web­site take the protec­tion of your per­sonal data very seriously. We treat your per­sonal data as con­fiden­tial and in acc­ordan­ce with the statutory data protec­tion regulations and this privacy policy.

If you use this web­site, various pieces of per­sonal data will be col­lec­ted. Per­sonal inf­ormation is any data with which you could be per­sonally iden­tif­ied. This privacy policy explains what inf­ormation we col­lect and what we use it for. It also explains how and for what pur­pose this hap­pens.

Please note that data trans­mit­ted via the inter­net (e.g. via email com­munic­ation) may be subject to sec­urity breac­hes. Comp­lete protec­tion of your data from third-party acc­ess is not pos­sible.

Notice con­cerning the party respon­sible for this web­site

The party respon­sible for proc­essing data on this web­site is:

Relux Kunst­stoff­tech­nik GmbH & Co. KG
Sülzborn 4

39128 Mag­deburg 

Telep­hone: +49(0)391 / 662775-10 

The respon­sible party is the natural or legal per­son who alone or jointly with others dec­ides on the pur­poses and means of proc­essing per­sonal data (names, email add­res­ses, etc.).

Revoc­ation of your con­sent to the proc­essing of your data

Many data proc­essing operations are only pos­sible with your express con­sent. You may revoke your con­sent at any time with future eff­ect. An inf­ormal email making this request is suf­ficient. The data proc­essed bef­ore we rec­eive your request may still be legally proc­essed.

Right to file comp­laints with regulatory aut­horities

If there has been a breach of data protec­tion legis­lation, the per­son aff­ected may file a comp­laint with the com­petent regulatory aut­horities. The com­petent regulatory aut­hority for mat­ters related to data protec­tion legis­lation is the data protec­tion off­icer of the German state in which our com­pany is head­quar­tered. A list of data protec­tion off­icers and their con­tact details can be found at the fol­lowing link:­othek/Ansch­rif­ten_Links/ansch­rif­ten_links-node.html.

Right to data por­tability

You have the right to have data which we proc­ess based on your con­sent or in ful­fill­ment of a cont­ract automatic­ally delivered to your­self or to a third party in a stan­dard, mac­hine-readable for­mat. If you require the direct trans­fer of data to anot­her respon­sible party, this will only be done to the extent tech­nic­ally feasible.

Inf­ormation, bloc­king, deletion

As per­mit­ted by law, you have the right to be provided at any time with inf­ormation free of charge about any of your per­sonal data that is stored as well as its origin, the rec­ipient and the pur­pose for which it has been proc­essed. You also have the right to have this data cor­rec­ted, bloc­ked or deleted. You can con­tact us at any time using the add­ress given in our legal notice if you have fur­ther ques­tions on the topic of per­sonal data.

3. Data col­lec­tion on our web­site


Some of our web pages use cookies. Cookies do not harm your com­puter and do not con­tain any viruses. Cookies help make our web­site more user-friendly, eff­icient, and sec­ure. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your com­puter and saved by your brow­ser.

Most of the cookies we use are so-cal­led "ses­sion cookies." They are automatic­ally deleted after your visit. Other cookies remain in your device's memory until you delete them. These cookies make it pos­sible to rec­ognize your brow­ser when you next visit the site.

You can con­figure your brow­ser to inf­orm you about the use of cookies so that you can dec­ide on a case-by-case basis whet­her to acc­ept or reject a cookie. Alter­natively, your brow­ser can be con­figured to automatic­ally acc­ept cookies under cer­tain con­ditions or to always reject them, or to automatic­ally delete cookies when closing your brow­ser. Disab­ling cookies may limit the func­tionality of this web­site.

Cookies which are nec­essary to allow elect­ronic com­munic­ations or to provide cer­tain func­tions you wish to use (such as the shop­ping cart) are stored pur­suant to Art. 6 parag­raph 1, let­ter f of DSGVO. The web­site operator has a legitimate interest in the storage of cookies to ensure an optimized ser­vice provided free of tech­nical errors. If other cookies (such as those used to analyze your sur­fing behavior) are also stored, they will be treated separately in this privacy policy.

Ser­ver log files

The web­site provider automatic­ally col­lects and stores inf­ormation that your brow­ser automatic­ally trans­mits to us in "ser­ver log files". These are:

  • Brow­ser type and brow­ser ver­sion
  • Operating sys­tem used
  • Ref­errer URL
  • Host name of the acc­essing com­puter
  • Time of the ser­ver request
  • IP add­ress

These data will not be com­bined with data from other sour­ces.

The basis for data proc­essing is Art. 6 (1) (f) DSGVO, which allows the proc­essing of data to ful­fill a cont­ract or for measures preliminary to a cont­ract.