Mixed plastics agglomerates

Mech­anical rec­ycling of mixed plas­tics and plas­tic films of post-con­sumer pac­kaging waste, is one of the big chal­len­ges for the European rec­ycling industry. Out of these inc­oming materials, which are obtained acc­ording to own quality spec­ification, RELUX Rec­ycling creates high-quality agg­lomerates towards spec­ific cus­tomer demands. Plas­tics are emp­loyed in nearly every indust­rial sec­tor. The reason for the wide use of plas­tics is its manif­old app­lic­ation pos­sibility. Plas­tics are manuf­actured in comp­lex proc­edures from fos­sil raw materials. But fos­sil raw materials only are limited available. Theref­ore the reutilization and preparation of plas­tics waste is essen­tial.  Like these resour­ces are sus­tainably preser­ved, an active and long-term cont­ribution to the environ­ment and climate protec­tion is made.

Relux Rec­ycling GmbH & Co. KG acquires plas­tics from the rec­ycling economy, which are in comp­lex proc­esses com­minuted, cleaned and through selec­tive material mix­ture for imp­rovement and con­sequently for chan­ging of produc­tion charac­teris­tics con­ver­ted to agg­lomerates. Among these chan­ged produc­tion charac­teris­tics are for example the flow proper­ties, elas­tic­ity or impact resis­tan­ce. The sec­ondary raw materials are produced safe and to a high stan­dard for the demands of our cus­tomers.

Moreover our cus­tomers deter­mine in advan­ce the spec­ific product quality for our produced agg­lomerates. Cus­tomized and on the hig­hest and stron­gest level agg­lomerates are developed. Like these agg­lomerates with a def­ined propor­tion of HD-PE (High Den­sity Polyet­hylene) and LD-PE (Low Den­sity Polyet­hylene) are manuf­actured for fur­ther proc­essing, for example in the gar­dening-, road­works- and far­ming-industry.

Agg­lomerates produced by Relux Rec­ycling GmbH & Co. KG are insert in manuf­acturing com­panies as adequate replac­ement for other primary raw materials.