Our products cover the manuf­acturing of fur­nish as well as the produc­tion of regranulates and com­pounds. We also provide the develop­ment of cus­tom-made products.
The Relux fac­ilities con­sists of a two line was­hing fac­ility, which can per­form wet me­cha­nical was­hing as well as well as the produc­tion of fur­nish and agg­lomerates in a very good homoge­nous quality by the elimination of impurities and for­eign syn­thetic materials.

The fol­lowing extrusion fac­ility proc­esses self-made as well as bought fur­nish to re-granulates and com­pounds, which ful­fill the cos­tumer-spec­ific requirements. The comp­lex up­stream gravimet­ric dosing sys­tem allows us to use spec­ific rec­ipes to manu­fac­ture com­pounds with exact physical spec­ific values such as flow ability or impact resis­tan­ce.


Our own laboratory, con­taining an experimen­tal extruder and a small die-cas­ting mac­hine, provides all requirements for allover quality cont­rol and the develop­ment of cus­tomized rec­ipes.


Our logis­tic cen­ters provide the pos­sibility to deliver our products as Big Bags as well as silo ware.